Welcome to The Ream of Possibility.

We have an ambitious goal of evolving thinking about careers from a focus on disciplines and professions toward a focus on problems, challenges, and solutions.

Understanding people, their stories, and their ideas inspires.

It is often unclear how people got to where they are.

How do you prepare for jobs that don’t exist?

Finding a job and finding your passion require different mindsets.

Careers are increasingly specialized complex and difficult to navigate. Full realm of possibility introduces a new paradigm for organizing careers. Instead of focusing on the boundaries that separate professions and disciplines, the Rome of possibility emphasizes the connections between the people in 21st century careers. To help students navigate the constantly evolving complex system of work, we organize people according to the problems and challenges they solve through their work.  Such problems and challenges are transdisciplinary, and allows students to understand how people apply their education expertise and passion to make an impact in the world through their work. Most importantly this new paradigm allows students to understand the people behind the jobs. As they explore various profiles in our database, we hope that they develop the understanding that “there is no path” some of the most fulfilling careers are two non-when you’re in their trajectories, and are often peppered with pipits unplanned opportunities, luck, and serendipity. The world of work today is fundamentally different than even 10 years ago. Our vision is to create a 21st-century approach to understand this evolving system.

Where can people go to learn more about the problem/challenge that you are working on?

Below is a sampling of the first set of profiles created under the Realm of Possibility.

These profiles were funded by Harvard Global Health Institute, and we are thankful for their willingness to take a risk on this new idea.